Today: Sunday, March 25, 2018


In addition to hardware manufacturing, we have specialised software developer team to provide you with our unique bespoke solutions for touch kiosks – Kiosk Information System. Newtouch software developer team have extensive experience operating in fast-changing environments and are comfortable engaging with you to support your business objectives and milestones.

  How We Implement:


Understand your needs and requirements - from your ideas to achieve your aims


System design - define overall system architecture


Implementing and coding - experienced software programming & design


Testing and application - integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing


Deployment - bring in life to a kiosk system


Maintenance - end to end service to solve your problem



Some examples:

*        Way finding kiosk information system

*        Event search kiosk information system

*        Advertising kiosk information system

*        Product search kiosk information system

*        Survey kiosk information system


      Below is one of our sample for Kiosk Information System








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